Personality Factor Questionnaire

16PF by Cattell

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) is found to be effective in a variety of settings where an in-depth assessment of the whole person is needed. The candidate is assessed under the following primary traits:

Extraversion/Introversion Warm-Reserved/Lively-Serious/Bold-Shy/Private-Forthright/Self-Reliant–Group-oriented
High Anxiety/Low Anxiety Emotionally Stable– Reactive/ Apprehensive–Self-assured/ Tense–Relaxed
Tough-Mindedness/Receptivity Warm–Reserved/ Sensitive–Unsentimental/Abstracted–Practical/Open-to-Change - Traditional
Independence/Accommodation Dominant–Deferential/ Bold–Shy/ Vigilant–Trusting/ Open-to Change/ Traditional
Self-Control/Lack of Restraint Lively–Serious/ Rule-conscious/Expedient/ Abstracted–Practical/ Perfectionistic–Tolerates disorder Perfectionistic–Tolerates disorder

The candidate is required to take the test online and individual customized reports (based on the Competency framework of the Job) are prepared and submitted to the client which helps in providing an in-depth, integrated understanding of the candidate’s whole personality.

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